The OWE, the Damsia oily water evaporator is a very efficient oily water separator


The OWE is compact and easy to fit on-board ship. It is suitable for most commercial and navy ships.

Average production of bilge and sludge should be 1,5% of the Fuel consumption per day.  0,2m3 to 1,5m3 per day for most of ships.

The OWE is design for continuous running.


How does the Damsia oily water separator actually work


The video shows the different process steps.

First, A screw pump draw bilge water or Dirty water into the settling tank.

The effluent slowly settles. The coalescer gather oil drops into larger oil drops.

Interface between Oil and effluent is monitored.  Floating oil is diverted to the sludge or Waste oil tank

If the effluent is free of floating oil. It is sent to the distillation stage.

Effluent is boiled, H20 vapor condenses on a sea water coil exchanger in the upper part of the distiller.

Vacuum is achieved by an ejector and a centrifugal pump.